History and Goal

The Reverend Ader Foundation was created in 1948 by Johanna Adriana Ader, née Appels, in the name of her late husband. Its sole aim was and still is to spread the gospel in the village of Drieborg and the surroundings areas, at the time much neglected by the Dutch Protestant Church. One of the goals of the new Foundation was to create a multifunctional building, suitable for parish gatherings, youth clubs and also for church services. In short: as a home for all the village community activities. It was a wish of her husband that he could no longer fulfil. Of the generous amount of money donated for flowers when he was reburied after the war Johanna put a small amount aside to become the symbolic foundation stone for this coveted building.

The house in Drieborg with the multi-functional building attached to it at the rear
The house in Drieborg with the multi-functional building attached to it at the rear

The modest building, attached to the house in Drieborg which Johanna had built for herself and her sons from her own means, still exists. It was built in 1950, burned down in 1956 and was rebuilt the same year. It has a stained glass window donated by the Jewish hospital from which the Reverend Ader had saved many staff during the war.

As well as paying for the operating costs of the building the Foundation still makes a substantial contribution to the funding of the present day Dutch Protestant Reverend in the community.

The Board of the Foundation
Chairman, Mr. D.A.V.E. Ader
Secretary, Mrs. G.E.A. Ruben-Kuipers
Treasurer, Mr. G. Kriek
Mrs. M.C. Blok-Bierens
Mr. R. Jalink
Mr. H. Jansen
Mr. P. Snoep

Fiscal status
Dutch tax authorities acknowledge the Foundation as a charitable one. As a consequence donations to the Foundation are deductible from income before tax in the Netherlands.

The Bank Account details of the Foundation are:
Ds. Aderstichting, Winschoten, NL44ABNA0643510087